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Complete employer and consultant web capabilities. Flexible processes for account opening, funding and management.

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The hub for all your health coverage access.

InvestedHealth is where your team can come together to get stuff done. Complete solution for all your clients needs.


Dedicated support

Our commitment to our customers is to go the extra mile — not because we have to, but because we want to.


Hassle free

Offer your clients a frustration free HSA solution. We provide an intuitive simple and independet HSA experience



Manage your companies HSA 100% online from our simple consultant dashboard.


Account tools

Interactive guides to set cash goals for short-term qualified medical costs and to choose investments for long-term growth.


Effective partnership
with employers.

Data-driven reporting to help your clients increase their employees’ engagement with their HSA. Including client and customer support guided by Fidelity’s commitment to exceptional service

Smart | Modern HSA

Robust savings packages enable employers.

Personalized communications

We help customers take the best steps to save.

Broker kit

See how an InvestedHealth HSA can benefit your clients.


Data-driven analysis of all your accountholders.


Effective partnership with employers

Data-driven reporting to help your clients increase their employees’ engagement with their HSA.

Learn how our HSA
can help you manage

Help employees make their HSA dollars work harder. With Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts from TD Ameritrade and Guided Portfolio from Devenir, they have access to two industry-leading investment solutions that align with their financial goals.

No fees

No minimum balance


Fund your way


Flexible plans for

We make it easy for you to select, access and manage your clients HSA when it's convenient for you.

Digital Investing

All of the account information at the tips of your fingers.

A full suite of accounts

Including health savings accounts (HSA), health reimbursement accounts (HRA), and flexible spending accounts (FSA), plus lower fees and higher interest rates.